Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Work? It's Derby Week!!"

Oh wait, it's not Derby week, and technically the Derby Festival is my work... Oh dear... =D

Since October I have been working with the amazing staff at the Kentucky Derby Festival. Who knew that it took a full-time staff of 22 people an entire year to plan and prepare for the three weeks worth of Derby Festival events?! Oh, and by the way, did you also know that there are over 70 events?? Yea, me either.

My primary function is to work three days a week for the VP of Communication - Aimee Boyd. She's a pretty laid back boss for being the head of a department of two that's entirely responsible for ALL media coverage, most print pieces, and all just about every TV spot that the festival has. Oh, and we run the website too. HA! Getting back to what I do, well, it's not much at the moment. During the last few months I have been doing a lot of prep and clean up work with our archives and updating the media guide for 2009. The real work started this week with my writing my first magazine piece for the Festival magazine! Yup that's right I'm being published in a legitimate magazine. Granted it only runs for one month a year but that counts!!

I'll also be writing for and dealing with the local media throughout the next five months. I get to set up press conferences, do interviews, give press credentials. It's all pretty cool. Did I mention that I'm also on committees for several of the events? Plus, I currently have my own intern. You heard me right, the intern has an intern, lol.

See Aimee is preggers and due right before festival so she'll be out of commission for the events. This means Mark Shallcross, Comm. Mgr, will be handling her work, I'll be handling most of his, and Jon (my intern) will be doing the majority of the "intern duties" like sitting in the Mobile Media Ctr during Thunder over Louisville to hand out press credentials.

There's a LOT more to what I'll be doing but it would take forever to try to explain it all now so I'll spare you. I think I'll just update you as it goes. Sound like a plan?

So that's all for now folks, I've got to get to my Forensic Psychology class, yup I'm studying serial killers this semester! So I'll post again later today about the rest of what's up in this thing I call my life! :)


Cold Weather

Makes me hibernate. Hence the lack of interesting things to write about.
I do have a bit of news:
- I'm interning for the Kentucky Derby Festival (woot)! I will devote an entire entry to that this week.
- I've been booked as photographer for my first wedding shoot! Yipee!
- I'm also shooting a rehearsal dinner for someone else.

- Classes have started again for the LAST time!!!!! YAAAAY!

And, uh, yea, that's pretty much it. I'll give lots more details later. Right now, I'm off to dreamland.